Introducing a simple strength training package
designed for women by women, who weren’t born yesterday

Everything you need comes in a cute, eco-friendly jute bag:
light dumbbells, ankle weight, DVD, log and follow-a-long poster, all for
$39.99, plus shipping.


MotherMuscle’s Weights for Women is a packaged strength-training program for women who weren’t born yesterday.




Mother Yourself Because:

  • Loss of estrogen means less bone density and lifting weights with MotherMuscle builds bone density 
  • Toned muscles will improve your balance
  • MotherMuscle will help you get rid of those bat wings, arm jiggly, mozzarella muscles, Grandma arms or whatever your kid or grandkid calls it
  • Getting strong fights depression during and after divorce (and/or in marriage)
  • MotherMuscle will help you look better without plastic surgery
  • Use MotherMuscle 2-3 times per week, with a day or two of rest in between, and you will see results in 6-8 weeks.
  • A New England Journal of Medicine survey finds lifting light weights helps relieve chronic arm swelling after breast cancer surgery
  • Your teenage daughter will be impressed, despite herself
  • Last. Granny. Standing. The longer you lift, the stronger your bones will be in old age…the time to begin is now, at home, 20 minutes in front of your TV.


Results in 6-8 weeks!