MotherMuscle - The Product

Women, especially those over 40, should be lifting weights. It’s good for our bones and overall well-being, doctors and fitness experts are saying, but many women don’t know where to begin. MotherMuscle makes it simple, by putting everything you need in a small bag--black and natural jute, with pink lettering and rope shoulder straps.



The 3 lb dumbbells and one 2.5 lb ankle weight is the perfect heaviness for most beginners, when combined with MotherMuscle’s strength-training exercises. Our dumbbells are made of easy-to-grip neoprene and we custom-designed our ankle weight using soft neoprene fabric and a large hook and loop strap, for comfort and ease of use.


The poster illustrates each of MotherMuscle’s ten exercises, with simple stick figures. It was made to be folded and refolded many times over and can lay on a cocktail table, couch, chair or floor, for easy reference during exercise. The poster can be used alone or in support of the dvd.


Rosemarie Fabio (Ro) certified personal trainer, has been strength training baby boomers for decades. In MotherMuscle’s “START” dvd, Ro illustrates each exercise herself, allowing beginners to follow her exact movements. This is the go-to portion of the dvd; it comes up first and lasts about 20 minutes. The second part of the dvd shows Ro working with women of varying ages (40s-70s), shapes and sizes, correcting common mistakes in form. Please note, MotherMuscle’s dvd is not a fast-paced cardio program with trainers shouting and music blaring. Our goal is simplicity and ease of use; we keep ambient noise to a minimum.


Logging exercise is crucial to progress. We’ve included a simple log book to record how much and how often.