It does make a great gift for moms, sisters, daughters, mothers-in-law and friends. It’s packaged and ready to give…just grab a bag!

Why MotherMuscle


MotherMuscle is created by women, for women
who weren’t born yesterday---specifically those 40 years of age and older.


mm1Trainer Ro Fabio works with Marie, a woman  in her late 70s
and new to weightlifting (from MotherMuscle’s DVD).

Looking good and feeling strong is the biggest motivation to lift weights, but now more than ever, the health benefits are touted by the news and encouraged by doctors. Namely, weight-lifting increases bone density, which fights osteoporosis, especially important as women reach menopause and beyond. Additionally, a study by the New England Journal of Medicine finds that lifting weights helps relieve chronic arm swelling after breast cancer surgery (Aug 2009, ).


But women who are told by doctors to start lifting weights, usually aren’t told how to begin. You can purchase dumbbells at many stores, but how heavy should they be? And how should they be used? With MotherMuscle’s program you will be lifting the right weights, the correct way and won’t become bulked-up. You will get stronger and you will look and feel better in just six to eight weeks. MotherMuscle puts everything you need into one simple, stylish package and takes out the guesswork.